Patience and persistence is key

Once the correct homeopathic remedy or prescription is found and the healing process has been initiated, the next biggest challenge for the patient and the practitioner is the management of the case as it progresses over the ensuing months. In chronic ailments (depression, fatigue, hormonal imbalances, allergies, confusion, hyperactivity, headaches, etc.) it is not a “one shot wins all” event. However, in first aid and acute situations, it can be.

The continuous ongoing monitoring of the dose and remedy and case management is often more challenging to prescribers than the initial prescription. It is therefore important to have a well seasoned practitioner who understand the subtleties of case management, and how to see a patient through the “sometimes rocky days” of the healing process.

Then the profound results, in curing and unfolding the beautiful true nature of an individual, can be experienced. Though it does require patience and commitment. Many times, especially in today’s society, people have come to expect quick fixes. Such an approach will give dismal results. The practitioner will often feel pressured to increase the dosage or change remedies, to please the patient in an attempt to speed up the healing process. Have you ever tred to rush a tree in its growth to produce fruit? The practitioner needs to be able to guide and coach the patient, and pace them in the healing process. While perhaps suggesting other non-interfering adjunct therapies to use in the course of treatment.

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