The Body

The Body Heals Itself

It is the healing power of nature that restores health when sickness arises. It is this same power that maintains the body in a state of vitality. As naturopathic physicians, we are trained to use natural, supportive, and nontoxic therapies to assist the healing process and prevent further disease from occurring.

Each Body is Different

We believe that each person is unique and requires individualized treatment. Therefore, to determine the most appropriate treatment for a given condition, we take into account not only specific physical symptoms, but also the person who has the symptoms. Thoughts and feelings, lifestyle, family history, environmental stresses, nutritional status, and general physical state are all key factors to be considered.

Our naturopathic training has shown us the importance of understanding and treating the whole person. In searching for the best way to provide this type of complete health care, we have chosen homeopathy as the focus for our practice.

The Goal

The patient and the doctor work together to bring about a cure. By this, I mean the attainment of a high degree of health. Homeopathic remedies not only help to relieve immediate complaints, but also act to strengthen the body and remove susceptibility to disease.

George Vithoulkas, one of the foremost homeopaths in the world today, has defined health in terms of freedom. On the physical level, this means freedom from having to put undue attention on the body because of pain or other limiting symptoms; on the emotional level, health is defined as a dynamic state, having the capacity to feel all emotions without being trapped by any; and on the mental level, health is clarity of the mind and selfless creativity.

Ideally we hope that each of our patients will achieve this kind of total health, in a way that is optimal for them.

The Doctor

Our approach focuses on understanding you as a whole person your limitations on all levels physically, emotionally and mentally. We wish to promote cure by stimulating rather than suppressing your inherent healing mechanisms.

Regardless of the problem or disease label which may have been given to your particular limitation, we may offer help through the use of Homeopathic medicine.

Additional Services

As family physicians, we are available for routine physical examinations and more extensive health evaluations. We also provide nutritional guidance, exercies programs acupuncture, hydrotherapy, physiotherapy, manipulation and Botanical Medicine for patients as needed.

Although it’s preferable to see the patient in person, the homeopathic consultation can be done over the phone. The remedy can then be sent in the mail. We are in the process of exploring the possibility of doing internet interviews using video/audio software and equipment. So contact us if you want to get started. It can change your life in a most profound and positive way!

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